PS Vita vs. Nintendo 3DS

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The internal memory for both the Nintendo 3DS and PSP is quite different from the SONY PSV. Users would be able to save 4GB of games in the internal memory of the PlayStation Vita without even breaking a sweat. The PS Vita also has 2 different plug ins or memory slots so that users would be able to switch from one stick to the next if they would like to change sets. From the memory sticks, the battery is also stronger than both the PSP and Nintendo 3DS combined. There has been an unconfirmed report that the battery life for the PSV can stand up to 4-5 hours even in gaming mode. This means that the PlayStation Vita would last longer than its other handheld counterparts. Finally, the major difference of the PS Vita from other units is that it has carrier capabilities. It has this unique ability to connect to a carrier just like other phone sets. This Carrier capability is the strongest card in the PlayStation Vita Series.

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An advantage 3DS has is that is it hacked / unlocked for playing backup games from R4 DS Cards R4i DSi R4DS SDHC.